LaCantina Doors for Restaurants

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20 March 2021

The most important thing a restaurant can offer to its customers is great food. When the food tastes great, diners will come back time after time – and they will be sure to tell their friends. Beyond the food, another important element in the restaurant business is the ambiance and setting that the location offers. Those rare restaurants that are able to blend a combination of great food and a wonderful setting are the ones with a line out the door every Friday and Saturday night.

One possible way to upgrade the setting at your restaurant is to use LaCantina Doors to open up to the surrounding environment when the weather is good. Rather than limiting access to your outdoor dining area to just one or two small doors, you can open up an entire wall and change the whole feel of the business. Let’s take a closer look at how LaCantina Doors might be able to dramatically improve the way your restaurant works.

Improve the Outdoor Dining Experience

People love to dine outdoors. Most people spend enough time inside already, so the chance to sit at a table outside and enjoy some fresh air along with a nice meal is quite the treat. Of course, plenty of restaurants already offer outdoor seating without the use of a LaCantina Door system.

So, what is it about LaCantina Doors that can so dramatically improve how outdoor dining works? Here are a few benefits –

  • Easier access to the patio. One of the big problems with outdoor dining at many restaurants is that there is only one door to serve the patio – or two at the most. In that situation, there is often a bottleneck at the door, and it’s hard for customers and staff to move freely. Specifically, the waitstaff that needs to serve those on the patio will be constantly moving back and forth through the door, making for an awkward workflow. By opening up an entire wall with a LaCantina Door system, this issue is removed, and the staff and patrons can move freely from inside to out and back again.
  • Better ambiance. Some restaurant patios feel completely removed from the rest of the space, and they lack ambiance as a result. The open-concept design of a LaCantina system will eliminate this problem as diners inside and out will feel connected. This gives the space a better flow and creates an inviting setting that will bring customers back time after time.
  • Open up a view. If you are lucky enough to operate a restaurant with an outstanding view, LaCantina Doors can help you highlight that view. Instead of only those on the patio getting to enjoy the view, everyone dining inside will be able to see it easily, as well.

Any LaCantina Door system will need to be incorporated into a restaurant design in a way that meets the specific needs of that location. With careful design and planning, this addition can elevate an average restaurant to a must-see destination.