Milgard Windows Buying Guide

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11 September 2021

Milgard is one of the leading brand names in the window industry. For decades, Milgard has offered a wide range of window products to serve effectively in both residential and commercial applications. If you are thinking about buying Milgard windows for your home, this guide will give you an overview of their product lineup. Whether these will be your first Milgard windows, or you have ordered some previously and simply need a refresher on what’s available, we are here to help.

Types of Milgard Windows

As you would expect from such a prominent player in this space, Milgard has a large selection of windows available. We are going to break our discussion of their window options down into seven groups to help you understand which may be a good fit for your project. In almost every case, you’ll want to order windows from at least a couple of these categories to suit the needs of a home. The categories are as follows –

  • Horizontal slider
  • Single hung
  • Double hung
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Picture
  • Specialty

If these terms sound like a foreign language to you, please read on – the sections below explain what they are and why they might be used.

Milgard Horizontal Slider Windows

This is one of the most popular styles of windows in homes. As the name would suggest, the window can slide open horizontally, and you can choose which way the sash will move – left or right – when you order the window. It’s also possible to order a double slider window, meaning you can slide both of the sashes, if desired. Some of the many benefits of horizontal slider windows from Milgard include –

  • Zero clearance. When this type of window is open, it does not stick out from the side of the building – meaning you won’t have to worry about it being in the way, especially on the ground floor. This provides a clean look that is nicely suited for a modern home.
  • Easy to open. If you have struggled in the past to open and close other types of windows, you’ll be impressed with how easy these are to operate.
  • Range of prices. Since horizontal slider windows appear in various Milgard product lines – including the Tuscany Series, Trinsic Series, and Ultra Series, you can pick the version that matches your budget and tastes.

You’ll definitely want to consider horizontal slider windows as part of your search, as they offer plenty of advantages are very few drawbacks. Of course, when you opt for Milgard for this type of window, you’ll be getting a quality product that can be expected to perform well for years to come.

Milgard Single Hung Windows

If you are looking for a window that is going to move up and down, instead of side to side, you’ll want to consider a single hung window. With this style of window installed, you will be able to move the bottom sash up when you want to allow in some fresh air, and you can simply slide it back down when the window needs to be closed. Like horizontal sliding windows, these models are easy to operate and work in a variety of settings.

Another similarity to horizontal sliding windows is the fact that this style of window doesn’t open out into the room or outdoors when operated. Since it slides up and down, it stays out of the way whether it is open or closed. Given their popularity and convenience, it’s no surprise to find this format available throughout the Milgard product lineup. This is also a flexible design in terms of size, as single hung windows can look and perform nicely in small openings as well as larger spaces.

Milgard Double Hung Windows

There is something about double hung windows that seems a little magical. While they look very similar to a single hung window at first glance, the double hung variety actually allows both sashes to move. The flexibility that this design offers is significant, as you can adjust how the sashes are positioned to precisely meet your needs at the moment.

Beyond sliding the glass up and down in the window, you can also tilt each sash in toward the interior of the house. That allows for a different kind of airflow, and it also makes it possible to clean the glass that would normally be facing the outside.

Given the advanced design of this style of window, it is offered in the high-end Milgard Tuscany Series line of products. While planning your project, it’s important to keep in mind how each individual window will function and what characteristics you’d like it to have. Most likely, you won’t need to have the double hung design for all of your windows, but if you are going with the Tuscany line anyway, you may want to opt for double hung windows in a few key spots where they can offer a performance benefit.

Milgard Casement Windows

In some settings, you want to leave your windows as open as clear as possible to make the most of the view of the outdoors. For example, a home near a lake or mountain would want the windows on that side of the house to be as unobstructed as possible. One option in such a situation would be a Milgard casement window.

With this design, there is nothing breaking up the middle of the window – it’s all glass from top to bottom and side to side. That means you get a perfectly clear view, but thanks to the design of this product, you can still open the window when necessary. There is a hinge on one side of the window that allows it to open like a door and bring fresh air in. In addition to offering such a great view, a casement window also can be easier to open in settings where it might be hard to reach up and access a horizontal sliding window or a single hung window.

One potential drawback to keep in mind when considering a casement window is the fact that the window will need room on the outside of the house to swing open and closed. That will not be any problem at all in some cases, but it might present an issue if the window looks out onto a space that is sometimes occupied by people.

Milgard Awning Windows

The concept of an awning window is similar to that of a casement window, only in this case, the window is going to open up and away from the building, rather than opening to the side like a door. If you have struggled to figure out what kind of window you can use that will offer some ventilation but also be easy to operate, this might be your solution.

Awning windows can be used on their own, but they are more commonly seen with another window that can’t be opened. For example, you could have a large, tall window on top, and a smaller awning window beneath that can be easily opened and closed. Instead of filling that entire space with a single window that would not be able to open, you get the appeal of all that natural light blended with the functionality of a window that can move.

Milgard Picture Windows

This is as simple as a window can get – a picture window doesn’t open and doesn’t offer any other performance features other than allowing light into a space. With that said, don’t overlook the important role that these kinds of windows can play in your home. Depending on the layout of your home, and the height of your ceilings, you may find that you only need a couple of picture windows – or you might find that the majority of your windows are picture windows, and only a few need to be able to open and close.

Those windows that are out of reach without the help of a ladder are obvious candidates for this style. Since you won’t be opening and closing them anyway, the simplicity and efficiency of a picture window makes a lot of sense. Also, without a bar running across the window to move a sash, you get a great view of the outside world through a large picture window. While you might think first about a large rectangular shape when imaging a picture window, it’s actually possible to order these windows in many different shapes and sizes.

Milgard Specialty Windows

One of the many benefits of choosing Milgard as your window manufacturer of choice is the various specialty windows they have available. You may find that you need mostly standard windows to complete your project, but a couple of your spaces might call for something a little less traditional. Milgard has offerings like radius windows, jalousie windows, and garden windows available in their various product lineups to help meet your every need.

Milgard Product Lines

Now that we have outlined what kinds of windows you can find when shopping with Milgard, we can turn our attention to the specific product lineups that you will be able to consider. The right product line for your application will depend on your budget for the job, the spaces you need to fill, the look you are trying to achieve, and more. Let’s dive in and highlight some of the key features of each of the five Milgard lines listed below.

Tuscany Series

For the best of the best from Milgard, look to the Tuscany Series as your first choice. These are vinyl windows, and they include all of the leading features from one of the top names in this industry. You’ll be sacrificing nothing when you opt for Tuscany Series windows, and you’ll get both a look and level of performance that you can be proud to have in your home. Also, the Tuscany line is backed by the Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty.

The Tuscany Series products deserve an article all their own, but we can quickly touch on some of the highlights in this section –

  • Classic style. If you love the look of older wooden windows, but appreciate the performance advantages of modern materials, the Tuscany Series is going to fit your project perfectly. Buyers of this product line love the styling of the window frames, as they offer a bolder profile than some other modern window designs.
  • SmartTouch lock. Some window models can be a hassle to open and close, and you aren’t always sure that you locked them back up properly. That won’t be a worry when you opt for windows that include Milgard’s SmartTouch lock system.
  • Plenty of color options. The color of your window frames will play a big role in the look of the exterior of your home, especially on a wall with several windows in close proximity to each other. Shopping in the Tuscany Series of products allows you to pick from a variety of colors so you can either match or contrast the outside of your home perfectly.

Investing in the best windows from this industry-leading brand is going to dramatically upgrade the look and feel of your home. Of course, all of the various window styles we discussed in the first half of this guide are available within the Tuscany Series lineup, so you can mix and match as you see fit to complete your project.

Trinsic Series

Modern is the first word that comes to mind when reviewing the product options in the Trinsic Series. These are vinyl windows that offer a very thin frame profile – standing somewhat in contrast to the traditional, bold look of the Tuscany Series. If you’d like something that really opens up your windows to the outside, while still giving you the performance that comes standard with any Milgard window, check out what the Trinsic line has to offer.

You won’t find quite as many window styles available in this line as with the top-of-the-line Tuscany products, but there are still plenty to pick from. Of course, you’ll see all of the standard window styles featured here, including single hung, horizontal slider, picture, casement, and more. Like the Tuscany line, Trinsic products are also covered by Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty.

Style Line Series

There is a lot to like about quality vinyl windows from both a performance and aesthetic perspective. However, the costs for these types of windows can run beyond what some projects have available in the budget. If you’d like vinyl windows from a proven name like Milgard, but you need to leave some of the budget left over for other pieces, the Style Line Series may be a nice fit.

This series offers an affordable price tag without coming up short on features. There are several exterior frame colors to consider, reliable hardware for easy operation, and the same Limited Lifetime Warranty that stands behind other Milgard lines. Included in the window models you can find in this lineup are single hung, awning, casement, horizontal slider, picture, and radius.

Ultra Series

As the name would indicate, the Ultra Series has something special to offer. By featuring fiberglass construction, the Ultra Series delivers on outstanding durability and stability, even in tough environments. You’ll also enjoy outstanding thermal efficiency with this type of window, and the hardware is as beautiful as it is effective.

Going with the Ultra Series fiberglass windows makes many different styles of windows available for your project. Beyond the basics like single hung and horizontal slider are radius, bay & bow, and awning windows, among others.

Thermally Improved Aluminum

There are plenty of positive characteristics to consider with aluminum windows, including their strength and durability. On the downside, however, has traditionally been their tendency to easily transfer hot or cold temperatures from the outside to the inside. That issue has been addressed by Milgard with this Thermally Improved Aluminum line. Now, buyers can get the positive aspects of an aluminum window along with upgraded energy efficiency.

Setting aside the performance aspects, this line of windows is worthy of attention because of the thin lines created by the frames. If other styles of windows are too bulky for your tastes, this product line might strike just the right balance. All of the main window styles are offered in this line including picture, single hung, horizontal slider, and casement.

Get Professional Help

If you have taken the time to read through this guide, you should now have a good understanding of what is available from Milgard. We have walked through the various types of windows they feature, as well as discussed their product lines and how they differ from one another.

This is a great starting point for a Milgard window education – but there is still much to learn! With that in mind, the next step for your project should be to reach out to The Window Store for professional help in choosing the right windows for your needs.  Give us a call or fill out the form here on our site to get help directly from an experienced member of our team. Buying new windows can be a significant investment, so you want to get this one right the first time. Thank you for stopping by and we are excited to serve you!