How Resorts Use LaCantina Door Systems to Amaze Their Guests

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27 March 2021

Creating a relaxing, appealing resort atmosphere is a serious challenge. All resorts want their guests to feel welcomed and comfortable on the property, but they also want to add some touches that grab attention and allow the resort to stand out from the competition. LaCantina Doors are a unique opportunity to feature a design element that might not be seen anywhere else in the area.

So, how can resorts put these impressive door systems to work? We’ll take a closer look at that question in this article.

Many Possible Applications

There are a variety of settings throughout the average resort that could be improved through the use of LaCantina Door systems. The list below highlights three common spots for these types of doors to be implemented.

  • Restaurants. The restaurants that a resort offers on its property on one of the biggest selling points for that destination. Guests love the idea of being able to take a short walk from their room to find tasty food and a comfortable atmosphere. For a resort located in a beautiful natural location, a LaCantina Door system can improve the indoor/outdoor feel of the dining area. These doors allow a restaurant to open up to the outside when the weather is great, yet the dining room can be closed back up if the weather turns nasty.
  • Convention spaces. Many resorts earn at least a portion of their revenue through hosting conventions and other corporate events. The attendees stay on the property and can participate in many activities throughout their time at the result. Convention spaces that are used for this reason are another part of the operation that can be improved with LaCantina Doors. Taking out a wall to replace it with a door system makes that space more flexible and more enjoyable.
  • Guest rooms. For a dramatic upgrade to your most appealing rooms, consider adding a LaCantina Door to these private areas of the property. This is a particularly powerful option for resorts located on or near the beach, where views of the ocean are waiting outside. A door system that opens wide to the outdoors is sure to be a hit with all of your guests.

This list is only a starting point for where LaCantina Doors may fit within the overall design of your resort. As you walk around your property, look for opportunities where bringing the outdoors a little closer to the indoors would be a welcome upgrade.

A Great Renovation Addition

Many resorts will go through a renovation process periodically to both repair damage and bring the resort up to modern standards and expectations. Since the installation of LaCantina Door systems can be a significant construction project, they are a great choice when a renovation is on the schedule. Building this project into the rest of the renovation will allow you to get the job done while minimizing the impact it has on your guests. Also, these dramatic doors are a big feature that can be highlighted when you are promoting the reopening of your resort.

The Differentiating Factor

If you operate a resort, you probably do so in an area with plenty of other resort properties. These kinds of businesses tend to cluster in areas that are naturally beautiful or that offer a lot of things to do. Given all the competition in the local area, you need something that will allow you to stand out from the pack. In other words, you need to give your potential guests a reason to book at your resort instead of staying with the competition.

A large LaCantina Door installation is one of those steps you can take that will make your resort different from the rest. This is particularly true if you happen to install folding or sliding doors in some of your guest rooms. That is a ‘wow’ element that isn’t going to be present on many other properties. It will be the thing that causes guests to stop and take a picture, and it’s something that they are sure to tell their friends and family about when they get back home.

Let The Window Store Help

Contact us today for a free estimate or to get answers to any questions you may have about these door systems. With a selection of products available, LaCantina makes it easy for nearly any resort to incorporate an element of open design into their layout. We look forward to working with you!