How Milgard Windows Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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31 October 2019

A huge part of making your home energy efficient is reducing heat or cooling loss. Houses tend to lose most of their heat through their doors and windows, which is why having well-insulated and high-performance windows is greatly beneficial to your energy usage. Here’s how Milgard Windows can make your home more energy efficient.


If you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient, Milgard replacement windows are a great place to start. Milgard offers many different materials for your window frames that help increase insulation and thermal performance.

  • Fiberglass frames are incredibly strong and durable. They also expand and contract at the same rate as the insulated glass within, creating a sturdy, energy-efficient window overall
  • Aluminum window frames are both durable and low maintenance, and thermally improved aluminum reduces the temperature conductivity in your window, improving thermal performance
  • Wood frames are a classic style that is easy to stain and match whatever look you want for your home. Milgard wooden frames are made with solid wood interiors and strong, durable fiberglass exteriors to give you both the beauty and the performance of a good window

Thermal Performance

For reduced energy usage and more consistent temperatures in your home, you want your windows to have a high thermal performance. Milgard achieves this with Low-E, or low emissivity, glass coatings that improve solar control. This thin coat works to reflect heat outside during the summer or trap it inside during the winter. Low-E coating also protects against UV rays, helping keep the carpet and furniture that sits in the window’s light from losing color to the sunlight. Milgard also improves thermal performance by filling the space between panes with Argon or Krypton gas. These non-toxic, invisible gasses work to slow the movement of heat through your windows and keep moisture from condensing and clouding up the glass.


Good insulation plays a major role in how Milgard windows can make your home more energy efficient. Well-insulated windows are better at retaining or keeping out heat, reducing both the amount of energy used and the cost you pay for it. Milgard windows provide better insulation in a few different ways. Using double or triple pane glass—rather than the single panes that make up most older windows—creates more effective insulation that helps keep heat in during cold weather and out during hot weather. The spacer between these dual or triple glass panes also affects insulation, and Milgard windows are spaced for optimal insulation efficiency.