Different Types of Milgard Windows for Your Home

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08 November 2019

If you’re building a new house or even just looking to upgrade your current home, choosing your windows is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Between style, function, and energy efficiency, there are many different options that can greatly enhance the room you’re designing. If you’re in the market for the perfect window, check out this rundown of the different types of Milgard windows for your home.

Things to Consider

A lot of factors go into deciding which windows are right for your home. You must decide what style is the best fit for the interior of the room and the exterior of your house, and what view, airflow, and light you want your windows to allow. Look at the types of materials you want to use and how they affect the look, durability, and energy efficiency of the window. You should also consider the functionality, privacy, and safety of the windows you choose. Milgard windows and doors combine all these features to make the ideal upgrade or replacement for your home.

Operating Styles

Your window’s operating style controls how much light and airflow the room receives. When considering the different types of Milgard Windows for your home, ask yourself how you want your window to work and feel within your room. Horizontal sliding windows open horizontally, while single-hung and double-hung windows open vertically. With double-hung windows, you can open them from both the bottom and the top of the window, while single-hung only open from the bottom. Casement and awning windows move on a hinge and open outward or upward, respectively. Picture and specialty windows don’t open and are therefore perfect for natural lighting or a stylized look to a room.

Frame Materials

The material used for your frame can enhance the window’s performance. Wooden frames, for example, offer natural insulation and a pleasing look that you can easily paint or stain to complement your home. Vinyl frames are extremely durable, UV resistant, and they work to trap air, increasing their energy efficiency. They also require far less maintenance than wooden frames, as do fiberglass frames. Fiberglass is an extremely strong, durable material that is excellent at resisting rotting and warping. It makes a frame that expands and contracts with the glass panes, making it perfect for energy-efficient windows.

Tuscany Series

These premium vinyl windows are an elegant mix of contemporary technology and traditional style. The Tuscany Series is made with Milgard’s signature vinyl formula to create a frame that is proficient in both durability and energy efficiency. The frames are also coated in UV-protective technology, increasing performance and preserving the window’s look. The series’ wider frames and even sightlines mimic the look of traditional wooding windows. This, coupled with the wide range of exterior frame colors to choose from, makes it easy to pair a Tuscany window with any home’s existing aesthetic.

Trinsic Series

If traditional looks aren’t what you want for your home, the Trinsic Series combines much of the same vinyl technology of the Tuscany Series with a sleek, modern style. Their narrow, contemporary frames and low-profile hardware maximize the glass’s surface area, giving you natural light and gorgeous views. Every window in this series comes with equal sightlines, giving your windows an even, pleasing look that’s designed to create a calm, elegant atmosphere. There are various frame colors to choose from, allowing you to match these windows with your house’s existing trim or siding.

Style Line Series

The Style Line Series mixes Milgard’s quality vinyl formula with an affordable, low-maintenance product. The windows in this series come with a slimmer frame, offering a larger view and more natural light. These windows are extremely low-maintenance, due to Milgard’s worry-free and non-corrosive vinyl technology. This also means that the window frames don’t need painting to keep up their appeal. As with the other vinyl frame series, Style Line windows come in eleven different colors, including eight premium exterior finishes, to match whatever style you desire for your home.

Quiet Line Series

Milgard’s Quiet Line Series is superior when it comes to sound control, making them perfect for homes near busy cities, highways, or other areas with higher noise levels. Every window in this series contains triple-paned glass with optimized spacers—the area between glass panes—to provide higher noise reduction rates. They can also come with laminated glass or heavier glazing to increase sound control for extremely loud areas. Windows in the Quiet Line Series use Milgard’s unique, durable vinyl formula, and are designed to complement other vinyl lines, giving your windows a matching look throughout your house.

Aluminum Series

Aluminum windows have long been prized for their strength and durability. Milgard’s Aluminum Series improves upon this with extremely long-lasting, weather-resistant windows. For those wanting higher energy efficiency, the Thermally Improved Aluminum windows go the extra mile with a thermal barrier placed between the frame to reduce heat flow. Apart from the windows’ strength and durability is the design flexibility that allows for the clean lines and narrow frames of a contemporary style, making this traditional material perfect for even the most modern home designs.

Essence Series

Wooden windows are, of course, the pinnacle of traditional design and style. However, real wood presents a problem when it comes to durability and protection from the elements. Milgard’s Essence Series creates a solution by using solid wood for the interior of the frame and durable, weather-resistant fiberglass on the exterior. This gives your home both the traditional look of a solid wood window while also offering a fiberglass frame’s long-lasting, high-performance. The interiors come in natural or primed woods, making them easy to seal, stain, or paint depending on your room’s style. For the exterior, the fiberglass frames come in 16 colors of extra-durable finish to create a lasting, complementary curb appeal for your home.

Ultra Series

Milgard’s Ultra Series of windows is the high point of gorgeous looks and lasting durability. The fiberglass frames resist both hot and cold temperatures as well as the swelling, rotting, and warping that comes with exposure to the elements over time. The material allows the frame to expand and contract at roughly the same rate as the glass panes, which increases both the strength and energy efficiency of the windows. With a contemporary design and a range of colors—including gorgeous matching dark interiors and exteriors—these windows are an attractive addition for your home.

Different Types of Milgard Windows for Your Home