Create an Outdoor Living Experience in Your Home with LaCantina

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12 March 2021

Even the best houses have one specific design flaw – the roof and the walls block out the beauty of the outdoors when the weather is great. Sure, those structures are essential for keeping you comfortable throughout the year, but there are some days when you wish you could move them out of the way.

With LaCantina Doors, you can do just that. By adding a large LaCantina Door system in your home, you can open up a wall and make it possible to invite the outside in like never before. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages you will enjoy as a result of adding this type of door to your home.

Make the Outdoors Convenient

One of the issues that prevents many people from enjoying the outdoor spaces around their home as often as they would like is a lack of convenience. Depending on the design of your home currently, you might only have a small sliding door to get outside, or maybe just one swinging door. These kinds of doors obviously make it possible to go in and out, but they don’t exactly make it convenient.

Compare that arrangement to a home that has most of a wall opened up to the outside. In this case, you can easily move in and out as you please, and your guests can do so, as well. If you are hosting a party, it might be tough for everyone to get around if you only have a single door that leads to the patio. When the patio blends right into the home, however, that kind of outdoor living becomes natural.

Bring the Restaurant Feel Home

If you love to eat outside on the patio at your home, you know there are some drawbacks to doing so. For starters, the person cooking the food is often cut off from the rest of the party, as he or she will be inside in the kitchen while everyone else has settled in outside. Also, moving all the food and drinks from inside out to the patio can be a chore depending on the doors you have available to use.

These issues are wiped away with a large LaCantina Door installation. Suddenly, the outdoors and indoors will blend into one, and the whole experience will be elevated. You will look for every opportunity to serve meals on the patio because it will now be convenient and completely enjoyable for all involved.

Many Other Benefits

Along with simple convenience and the way you can elevate the outdoor dining experience at your home, there are other points to highlight on this topic.

  • Sit inside but feel like you are outside. Sometimes, you just want to sit on the couch. Even if you have nice patio furniture, the couch is probably the most comfortable place to sit in your entire home. The downside of sitting on the couch, traditionally, is that you are stuck inside. Not anymore. With LaCantina Doors, you can open up part of your home and still settle in to relax on the couch while feeling that fresh breeze from outside. A lot of products offer ‘the best of both worlds’, but this is one that truly delivers on that promise.
  • Rearrange for a party. If you like to hold large gatherings from time to time, the ability to open up your house to the outside will allow you to welcome more people to your home comfortably. By opening up the big LaCantina Doors and moving a few pieces of furniture, you can create an entirely new space that wasn’t available previously.
  • Freshen up the house. After a long winter, many houses feel and smell a little stale. Sure, opening up a few windows can help, but not nearly as much as opening up an entire wall. Once spring arrives, pick a few nice days to open up your new doors and freshen up the house almost immediately.

Most people don’t get to experience true indoor/outdoor living at their homes, but it is within reach when you use LaCantina Doors.

We’ll Work with You

LaCantina Doors are some of the most impressive products on the market today. If you would like a free estimate for your project, simply contact us today and we will be happy to assist. Also, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about any of our products. Thank you for visiting and The Window Store is excited to serve you!