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3 Essential Tips for Choosing a New Milgard Window

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11 December 2019

New windows are great ways to upgrade your house. When you shop for new windows, use these tips to make all the right choices for you and your home.

New windows can completely transform a home. Whether you’re in the market for a complete renovation or you’re just upgrading a single room, new windows are a great way to create a new look, increase natural light and energy efficiency, and switch up your home’s style. There’s no better way to do this than with Milgard windows. When you’re ready for an upgrade, check out these essential tips for choosing a new Milgard window for your home.

Consider Operating Style

There are many different operating styles to choose from, so it’s important to consider how you want your window to work within the room. Horizontal slider and single-hung windows slide open to allow airflow without taking up space inside or outside the house. Double-hung windows can tilt inward, making them easy to clean—especially on higher floors. If you want maximum ventilation in a room, you might consider casement or awning windows, which swing on a hinge to allow better airflow. On the other hand, if natural light is more of a priority, you can get picture windows to let plenty of daylight into a room.

Choose the Right Materials

Frame materials play a big role in how your window looks, operates, and lasts over time. Wood is a great natural insulator, but it’s less durable than other frames. Vinyl and aluminum frames are all low-maintenance, but they don’t have the same traditional look of wooden windows. Fiberglass can mimic this appearance, and it contracts at the same rate as the windowpane, making it extremely energy-efficient. When you consider what kind of frame you want for your material, pay attention to the insulation, durability, and style of your options and what you need for your home.

Incorporate Your Home’s Design

Windows are a subtle yet vital part of your home’s style. One of the most important tips for choosing a new Milgard window is to match it to the preexisting design of your house. Wooden windows are great for a traditional or rustic appearance, and you can stain them to match many different color palettes. Meanwhile, the narrow frames and larger glass surface area of Milgard’s Trinsic Windows perfectly match a modern home. With all the style and color options available, you can find the perfect window to complement your home.