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Milgard Windows Export Warranty
(For use in all foreign countries)
Milgard Windows (Milgard) guarantees it will provide replacement parts for any Milgard window which is defective in materials or workmanship. This warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

A five (5) year warranty is offered to the owner of Milgard Windows in markets outside of the United States. Coordination and execution of service and costs incurred for shipping, handling , transfers, insuring, transport and installation are the responsibility of the distributor, exporter or dealer.

If Milgard is unable to provide a replacement or a replacement is not suitable, then Milgard will refund the original Milgard invoice purchase price.

Milgard is not liable for damage caused by independent shipping contractor, improper handling, glass breakage, failure due to misuse, the use of applied tints or films, any alterations to the window including customer-applied paint finishes, or improper installation.

Milgard is not liable for acts of nature including earthquake, wind, fire or flood, natural weathering of exterior finishes and corrosion.

Milgard is not liable or responsible for any regional or local building codes relating to thermal value, fire codes or other structural codes and ratings.

Milgard is not liable for incidental or consequential damage.

To obtain service, contact your Milgard distributor, exporter, or dealer. A copy of the original Milgard invoice, purchase order, or production identification number found on the glass unit spacer bar is required.
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