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Measuring For a Single Hung Replacement Window
Before you measure, you will need to remove the screen and open the window.

Width: Measure between the 2 jamb faces as shown in the image below for the width of your opening. Your new window frame width is the measured width ('W') minus 1/2". This will be the width of the 'Net Frame Size' or NFS. Always reference your measurements with the width dimension before the height (i.e. 48 1/4" (width) x 36 1/2" (height)).
Measuring For a Single Hung Replacement Window
Height: The height dimension is taken between the head and the highest point on the sloped sill as shown in the picture at right. The new frame width will be this dimension ('H') minus 1/2" and this wil be the height of the NFS.

The type of window to order for this application is a Block Frame window with a Slope Sill Adaptor.
Measuring For a Single Hung Replacement Window
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