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Milgard's Policy Regarding EIFS Systems
Milgard Policy on EIFS and DEFS Siding: When Milgard products are installed in a building that will be using EIFS or DEFS (DEFS is an exterior barrier system with the same finish as EIFS but without the insulation board), the Milgard Lifetime Guarantee will be voided unless each of the following conditions are met.
  1. The Milgard "Classic Products" (5000 series) are the only products that may be used.
  2. The Milgard "Classic Products" must be installed per the AAMA 2400-02 installation standard.
  3. The EIFS/DEFS system must have an engineered drainage system.
  4. The EIFS/DEFS manufacturer's complete system must be used.
  5. The EIFS/DEFS installation must be in accordance with the manufacturer's complete instructions.
  6. The complete EIFS installation must be under the supervision of an installer that is certified by the EIFS system manufacturer.
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